With a commitment to high quality design, our aim is to give the client & occupant every assistance in achieving an end result that is both satisfying & enduring!

Dealing with property can be very complex and stressful and requires a considerable trust in professional advisors.

That is why we aim for the best in the client/architect relationship to achieve the best solution for the client.

Both client & user are key players in the success of every project.

One of the best investments you can make is to consult with an architect who listens, observes & acts as both designer & advisor to translate your visions into reality.

 We are available for just that purpose and will be delighted to help you!


 We can clarify & define your building needs

– by completely examining your specific requirements, your budget, and building site to help define the scope of what is to be built in a programme.

 We can solve your problem creatively

– we are trained problem solvers.  Not sure how fast your organisation is going to grow?  We can design a space that meets your needs today, and that can be adapted for tomorrow.  Have a limited budget?  We look for ways to make your project more cost effective and propose ways to get even more for your investment than you imagined possible.

 We look ahead

– by not just designing 4 walls and a roof – but looking beyond your immediate requirements to design flexible buildings that will adapt with the changing needs of your business/ home, creating total environments, both interiors and exteriors, that are functional and exciting places in which to work and live.

 We can manage your project

– from site selection to occupation by the role of project leaders.  We manage and coordinate key project elements, while you focus on your organisation’s activities.

 We can maximize your investment

 we are a wise investment of today’s assets for tomorrows big savings.  A building designed for maximum energy efficiency can reduce bills now and in the future.  Plus, efficient use of space can reduce the total square footage you require.  A well-designed building can reduce initial costs and also increase its long term value.