You have a vision of what you want. 

Now you need to make that vision into a reality.

If you are embarking on a building project – whatever its size – you should consult a professional.  Architects are the only professionals specifically qualified to design buildings.  Architects are specially educated to help you define what you want to build, present options you might never have considered, and help you get the most from your valuable investment.   An architect is able to manage a building project from concept to reality, or work as part of a team – in each case contributing creative qualities, which lift any project out of the ordinary.

Architects make your life easier

Building is a long process that is often messy and disruptive, particularly if you’re living in the space while it’s under construction.  Your architect represents you, not the contractors.  Your architect looks out for your interests and smoothes the process, helps find qualified construction contractors, and visits the worksite to help protect you against work that’s not according to plan.  At the heart of every successful project is a strong relationship between client and architect.  R.I.B.A. architects know that the more knowledgeable their clients are, the more likely they are to fully participate in the process and enjoy the benefits of a collaborative effort.


To any building no matter how small your architect will bring three essential qualities;


Design matters: whether traditional or innovative, bold or understated, good design is not a fashion statement – it is the difference between mundane or enjoyable, dull or delightful, satisfactory or extraordinary.  Anyone can create or alter a building; it takes a professional to do it with flair, imagination and style – lifting your project out of the ordinary.

 Value for Money

Good design adds value: an architect can maximise space and light – in ways you probably would not imagine, suggest cost effective and alternative solutions, new uses for old whilst maintaining a & enhancing the existing character, energy conscious designs, sustainable materials – and make sure you find the right builder at the right price – all skills which add value to the original concept through designed solutions.

 Professional Guidance

Architects are not style artists; they are an essential part of the building team and experienced project managers & are effective troubleshooters.  They can guide you through complex statutory procedures from initial conception designs to planning applications & building regulations.  Architects also attend to monitoring the building programme & builders work on site from demolitions through to completion & handover.